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Fátima Claudino

>Fátima Claudino

About The Speaker

Fátima Claudino

Fátima Claudino, Researcher and Master in Archeology, Underwater Cultural Heritage. Degree in History from the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa of Lisbon. She carries out functions performed especially and directed to the area of Education and the UNESCO Associated Schools Network, for which she is responsible and also in activities aimed at preserving the underwater cultural heritage, where he is responsible for its study and dynamism, which is part of his academic research area. Fátima Claudino streamlines and applies UNESCO's lighthouse projects at the national and international level: Sport and Doping; Educational Project of the Transatlantic Slave Route, “Breaking the Silence”; Atlantic Project; World Heritage Project in the Hands of Young People; Inclusive Education Project, Education for Sustainable Development, Education for AIDS Prevention and the Educational Project - Kit on Underwater Cultural Heritage, with special focus on the PALOP. She is responsible for the edition of the quarterly CNU / SEA newsletter "Aprender a Viver Juntos" (Learning to Live Together), which ensures its dissemination to the PALOP. Specialties: UNESCO National Commission Focal Point for Working Group 2, National Strategy for Education for Development, IPAD. Central performance of the National Commission of UNESCO / Portugal for the Transatlantic Slave Route project “Breaking the Silence”, it's her focus too. She is the person in charge for the Educational Kit "Underwater Cultural Heritage", within the scope of the 2001 UNESCO Convention and for training activities subsequent to the organization of this material, namely in Cabo Verde| Cape Verde.



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